The Evolution of Ponytail Extensions: From Red Carpets to Everyday Fashion

Ponytails are nothing new and have stood the test of time over the centuries. Today, they are more popular than ever. Ariana Grande-Butera is well known for her stunning ponytail hairstyles. She uses a ponytail extension and a wrap-around hairpiece to achieve her signature style.

It is believed that the first women to embrace ponytails were in Crete in Ancient Greece. Their images are preserved in stone and artwork from that time thousands of years ago. These classy ladies were queens of their own red carpets back then, as proven by how fast the ponytail spread.

Rome, the empire-building giant, was quick to jump on the ponytail-style wagon. Egypt, the architect of the pyramids, followed Greece and Rome so that their ladies had the chance to shine one ponytail at a time.

The men of ages past were not shy about borrowing the ponytail look. Soldiers and aristocrats in ancient times sported ponytails to a great degree. They went so far as to buy wigs with ponytails built in.

In more modern times, it can be argued that the first Barbie, released in the 1950s with what can only be called a sporty blond ponytail, ushered in the modern fascination with ponytail styles. Barbie established ponytails as the go-to look for the girl next door.

Look at Sandra Dee, the classic star of Grease. She had the girl next door image, which worked well for her. Shortly after, in the 1960s, we meet a two-thousand-year-old genie with, you guessed it, a ponytail. Perhaps the same one was sported about in Crete two thousand years ago?

It took a French actress to take that girl next door’s ponytail look, run her fingers through it, and make it sexy. Brigitte Bardot did what even Sandra Dee could not, making the modern messy ponytail awe-inspiringly sexy.

Let’s fast forward to the 1990s. After what people have called the decade that froze music, we had the Blond Ambition Tour. Madonna wore a blonde ponytail extension to stun audiences. Her voice and dance routine helped, but that ponytail hair extension also helped.


Sadly, the microphones of the early 90s were not wireless like the ones we have today. The amazing blond ponytail hair extension Madonna wore for the first half of the tour did not get to finish the tour. It interfered with the headset Madonna wore at the time.

In 2014, that very same blond ponytail hair extension sold for $20k at an auction. Imagine what it would have sold for if it had gotten to finish the tour with Madonna. That headpiece microphone she wore? Well, it didn’t sell at auction.

Did you know that a hairstyle actually won the Nobel Prize in 2012? Scientists devised a method to calculate how a ponytail will look. They put it all in their calculation length, location, and gravity and ended up with the Rapunzel Number. What other hairstyle has ever won a Nobel Prize?

The crown or peak ponytail took the fashion world by storm. Ariel Grande, J Lo, and more all sported this no-nonsense, so don’t waste my time. I have a fabulous look. The different ways to style ponytails have been proven as limitless as they are timeless.

Many people do not have the thick or lengthy hair needed to sport glamorous or hip ponytail hairstyles, but thanks to ponytail extensions, that has changed. With virgin hair options creating not only the illusion of real human hair but actually being real human hair, there is no reason not to embrace ponytail hairstyles.

Selena Gomez is another star well known for wearing ponytail hair extensions made with real human hair. Her thick, luscious ponytail, casually thrown over her shoulder, comes across as edgy and classy.

Selena Gomez frequently wears a low ponytail. This style, combined with her glamorous wardrobe, inspires women everywhere. But she is far from the only red carpet regular to enjoy ponytail hair extensions and the freedom they offer.

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are two more Hollywood and super-star elite who are not shy about admitting they use and adore their virgin human hair extensions. While they might not sport the ponytail daily, they change their hairstyles as often as they do their underwear, which is not surprising.

The surprising thing is that these ladies have thick, lustrous hair of their own, so why are they using ponytail hair extensions?


The Hollywood elite and stars who have become household names like the Kardashians know how important it is to protect their hair. They face harsh elements, such as professional stylists, hair sprays, gels, and more daily, that could damage their natural hair.

They use hair extensions to reduce the damage to their naturally growing hair. Lowering the styling demands placed on their hair helps protect its shine and health. While many still think hair extensions are only for those struggling with thinning or balding, the red-carpet elite knows better.

The stress put on your scalp and hair from daily styling is a well-known cause of split ends, thinning, and other hair afflictions. Style waits on no woman or man. The need to sport new looks to match our moods and the style of the day means we need a tool to create new looks.

Virgin ponytail hair extensions are that tool. With easy clips to install them, a new look is only seconds away. You can combine ponytail hair extensions with accessories like scrunchies and clips or braid them together.

The fact is that ponytail hairstyles can be as unique as the women who wear them. Whether long or short, curly or straight, there is a ponytail hair extension for everyone’s inner Hollywood star—all while protecting their hair.

No matter what look you are going for, a ponytail can help you achieve it with the ease and time savings you need.