Is the Gastric Balloon Price Worth It?

When weight loss surgery is brought up in conversation, most people automatically think of gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy; the gastric balloon is usually left out of the conversation. The reason for this is that most people have not heard of a gastric balloon or do not fully understand the procedure. Therefore, most people will naturally assume that the gastric balloon price is similar to other weight loss surgery prices(slankeoperasjon pris), but this could not be further from the truth.

What is the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

The Gastric Balloon Procedure involves a deflated balloon being inserted into the stomach through the mouth using a piece of equipment called an endoscope. During this procedure, the patient is usually sedated in order to calm any uncomfortable feelings or worries. Once the balloon is nicely in place, it is then filled with a saltwater solution called saline. The levels of saline in the balloon typically depend on the patient’s requirements and the agreed weight loss goal. The balloon typically stays in the patient’s stomach for up to six months, after which it is deflated and removed. Recovery time is minimal, and patients tend to only feel discomfort for the first few days post-procedure. The goal of the balloon is to allow the patient to be satisfied with a smaller volume of food, leading to extended weight loss.

Gastric Balloon Popularity

The Gastric Balloon has been surging in popularity since the 2010s when the procedure was becoming more and more available to the world. The first peak of interest flared due to the fact that this procedure is minimally invasive, leading

Fig 1. Weight Loss Surgery’s Success Rates

to a quicker recovery time and less risk. Many clinics around the world have published extremely high success rates, with the gastric Balloon success rate being as high as 80%+, 10% higher than the gastric sleeve weight loss success rate(gastric sleeve vektnedgang).

However, it is crucial to note that the success rate is dependent on whether the patient sticks to their regimented diet following the procedure. As mentioned previously, the gastric balloon is strictly there to enable the patient to be satisfied with a significantly less amount of food, leading to a feeling of fullness quicker. Remember to follow your clinic’s recommendations and ask questions if you ever feel unsure about your diet or new lifestyle.

High Success, Small Burden

The gastric balloon prices(gastric balloon pris) in Western Europe range from 95,000 NOK in Norway and 100,000 NOK in the UK. As you can tell, these prices are obviously pretty high and can cause those seeking affordable weight loss surgery a financial headache. However, these are the prices in the Western European nations. They do not fully reflect the market as a whole. This is due to the huge rise in medical tourism, the phenomenon in which those seeking affordable weight loss surgery are jumping on jets around the world to find professional surgery without the financial burden.

One of those destinations is the Overvekts Operasjoner Clinic, located in Riga, Latvia. This clinic offers weight loss surgeries at an incredibly low price while not compromising on the quality and professionalism found in other European Clinics.

Overvekts Operasjoner offers a gastric balloon price of just 27,925 NOK, which is more than a third cheaper than the Norweigan clinics offer. Because of this, you can see why Norwegians are flocking to this modern, Riga-based clinic.

So, Why Wait?

You’re only a short plane journey away from the start of a new, healthier life at a significantly reduced price. Overvekts Operasjoner has had countless success stories, from successful gastric balloon stories to positive gastric bypass experiences(gastric bypass erfaringer). Don’t let the shackles of obesity hold you back from achieving the dream body and life you deserve to enjoy. Book a free consultation today and kickstart your new health journey.

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